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Late Mohammed Salaar, My Grand Father & My Family History

Late Mr.Mohammed Salaar as discussed in my previous post was my Great grandfather. He was the eldest son of Habibulla Saab. My Great Grandfather had six son’s & few daughter’s (Details of daughters are not know to me yet but will be updating it asap) among whom Late Mr.Mohammed Rasheed my grandfather was one of his youngest son . Late Mr.Mohammed Rasheed & My grandmother Late Mrs. Soghra Baanu had 2 Son’s & 3 Daughter’s namely Eldest Son Waris Ahmed ( My Father) , Mariam Nafeesa, Mariam Saleem , Haseena Kausar & Youngest Son Nazeer Ahmed .

Mr.Mohammed Rasheed passed away shorty after My Chacha Nazeer Ahmed was born (Exact details are not known) , Soon after the death of grandfather (Dada) my grandmother (Soghra Baanu)  we used to call her Amma took the responsibility of my Father (Abba) ,My Phuppu’s & Chacha as they were still small children’s by maintaining the Coffee Estate in Arehalli on her own without any bodies support. My grandmother (Amma) was very strong lady and had very well maintained the coffee estate as well as she had given good education to her children I,e My Abba, Chacha & Phuppu’s. The examples of her taking responsibility soon after my grandfathers death are still alive in today’s date by all my relatives. I remember by childhood where, me & my sister used to visit my grandmother (Amma) during our studies in Hassan (Will write more about this later). All my Phuppu’s were married and I have personally seen my Chacha’s ( Nazeer Ahmed ) Marriage and soon after 2-3 years of his marriage ,My Chacha ( Nazeer Ahmed ) passed away. He My chacha has a daughter named Umme Ummarah & is in Arehalli working as a Teacher. Upon this incident, my grandmother when I was in 9th Standard fell ill and was in coma for some time. Soon after this she also passed away and father started maintaining the Coffee Plantation and is still maintaining it and they reside in the house which was built during my grandfather’s time.

In my above paragraph, I mentioned about the brave decision my grandmother (amma) took after the death of my grandfather by taking responsibility of My Father, His Brother & Sister’s but here I would like to write about my Father’s youngest sister (My Phuppu) Haseena Kausar who still resides in Mangalore and resembles my grandmother (Amma) . She has 2 son’s namely Rahil Bolar (Elder Son) & Sherjil Bolar . When my brother’s rahil & sherjil were small kids, My Phuppu (Haseena Kauser) had some tragedy in her daily life which I donot wish to write as I’m not clear about the exact details but she again like my grandmother (Amma) took a brave decision and brought her sons up alone took their responsibilities, gave them good education and alhamdulillah both today are working in Multinational companies in Bengaluru. I have very good regards to her (My Haseena Phuppa) and get a feeling that she has kept my grandmother (Amma) still alive my setting another example (Where there is a will there is a way) . My other Phuppu’s Mariam Nafeesa has relocated to Bengaluru and Mariam Saleem is residing in Hassan. Nafeesa Phuppu has One Son, 3 Daughter’s all married and are well settled & 2nd Phuppu Mariam Saleem has one Son & two daughters who are all in Dubai. Her Son Shahan Faheem is working in a reputed Multinational Company and both her daughter’s are well settled.

Abaut My Father, My Sister’s & my family – My Father ( Waris Ahmed ) has married to athiya firdouse (My mother) and has three children’s . My elder Sister Sadiya Tarannum who got married to Mysuru has two childrens , Me (Farhan Rasheed) married to Sania Rasheed and also have two kids one Son (Ayan Rasheed) & one Daughter (Muskan Rasheed) and my youngest sister got married to chikkamagaluru and again she has two children’s , One son & one daughter.

I am on deep about a research on history of Arehalli & Coffee (Arehalli Coffee) . Request all my well wisher's my relatives to kindly update information if any available with you so that we can make this info available for the next generation .I can be contacted on

To be continued ……………………………………………………..

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