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History of Arehalli - The Official Residence of Koffee Planter's

History of Arehalli, The Virtual Village where Arehalli Koffee Planters Connect Online.Originally Arehalli is a Village about 230 KMS away from the  IT Capital City of India, Bengaluru Connected via Hassan District of South Indian State Karnataka.Arehalli is a Village where Coffee Planters grow Coffee. Coffee is crop which is grown in most part of the world but Arehalli Koffee is a crop which is grown only in Arehalli.The Authentic coffee which is grown in Arehalli is known as Arehalli Koffee.

In the year 1998 , The Coffee Prices in International Market crashed & a major recession effected the Coffee Planters & The Coffee planters .The Coffee Planters of Arehalli were hit with financial crisis, Followed by rest of coffee Planters of our country. Some of the Coffee Planters got migrated to Hassan, Bengaluru , Mysuru & rest of the world.Currently there are just about  five to six original Coffee Planters who still grow Coffee in Arehalli Village. One among those Koffee Planters Family is My Father Mr.Waris Ahmed Son of Late Mr. Mohammed Rasheed .

I used to study in Hassan District which is about 40 plus KMS from Arehalli Village and 190 plus KMS from Bengaluru.My child hood schooling was in Sri Arvinda Convent soon after my college studies which, I discontinued my studies in the middle and got migrated to Bengaluru in the year 2003 and took up employment career as well was completed my studies in correspondence , My employment journey was not an easy task. It was both fun as well as thrill. I struggled in real estate career untill 2010. In 2010 took my serious career in Real Estate Domain in a senior position apart from my regular Real Estate Blogging Career which was found in 2003 itself but became popular since 2010..In the year 2015, For a business Opportunity I met one of my relative Mr.Numan Afzal, Incidentally his grand Father and my great grand father late Mr.Mohammed Salaar were brothers and were the founder's of Arehalli Village in the year 1918. My Great Grand Father " Late Mr.Mohammed Salaar"  & Mr.Numan's Grand Father "Ghulam Mohammed" together purchased a Coffee Plantation land of 600 Acres. 300 Acres in Garje (Then Part of  Hoskerri) , Arehalli & 300 acres in Hebbal (Then Part of Hoscttay) ,Arehalli respectively from Sir Basil Scott ( Hon'ble Former Chief Justice of Bombay High Court - 1908 - 1919).

Sir Basil Scott he was a British National during British Rule in India & had Coffee Plantation lands in Arehalli, Coorg,Hassan District. He was born in the year 1859 and was appointed as 8th Chief Justice in the year 1908 to 1919 in Bombay High Court. He was married to Gertrude Gwendoline Villiers Stuart and had two Childrens, Namely David Scott & Michael Scott. The Wikipedia link about his career can be found on List of Chief Justices of the Bombay High Court  .

Sir Basil Scott & Sir Linday Wood, Were the Owners of Hoscottay & Hoskere ( Arehalli Was a Part of Hoscattay & Hoskerri), When Karnataka was known as Mysore State in the year 1869 ). The Information available in Google Books dated back in 1914 (Book written by Arnold Wright) about State of Mysore History reveals that, The First Coffee Plant was planted in Hoscottay & Hoskere in the state of Mysore (Now Karnataka) .The Google Book also reveals that his House was about 12 Miles (19 Kms) from Sakaleshpur , Which clearly indicate about Arehalli Estate now known as Arehalli Village.

Sir Basil Scott Died in the Year 1926, after the Indian Independence in 1947, His families where about is not known .His Children's David Scott had married to Hester Mary Ogilvy & the other son Michael Scott had married to Cherry Susan Creswell-Turner .

Here is a Reply from Sir Basil Scott Family :

Dear Farhan

I hope you do not mind me emailing you out of the blue, but I have read your recent articles about Arehalli with great interest ( 

You mentioned that your family purchased coffee plantation land from Sir Basil Scott, Chief Justice of Bombay (1908-1919), and I am the Great Grandson of Sir Basil Scott! His son David Scott married Hester Ogilvy and had three daughters and one son, Colum Basil Scott. I am Colum Scott's oldest son.

I have heard family stories that Sir Basil Scott owned coffee plantations in India, but I do not have any further information so was very interested to read your articles. Do you have any more information about his estates of Hoscottay and Hoskerri, or any other information about his time in India?

After retiring as Chief Justice in 1919, Sir Basil Scott and his wife lived in Tangier, Morocco, until his death in 1926. David Scott, worked as a clerk in House of Commons in London, and retired to our family estate Glenaros, on the island of Mull, Scotland. He died in 1996. My family still live at Glenaros.

Thank you again for your interesting articles, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Angus Scott

Mr.Numan Afzal, my uncle introduced me to his son Mr.Umar Salman. Mr.Umar Salman & me were given a brief history about our connection towards Arehalli. I was having a bit hint about the story,This story made our connect stronger and hence me & salman decided to Reinvent Arehalli. Having said that, We also know that its a difficult task to bring the connection in a single platform. We felt Online Community platform is the best option to bring all the original Koffee Planters under one platform and found  " AREHALLI.COM ".

We request all the readers of this blog . If you are from Arehalli please comment below your E-Mail ID so that we can get connected and Re Invent Arehalli . 

All the Koffee Planter's of Arehalli are invited for a Cup of Koffee with Farhan . Kindly send us a request mail to for more details.


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