Tuesday, 17 January 2017

World Coffee Research Lab ( WCRL)

Arehalli Coffee is at Risk

 We are setting up an organization which will ensure the future of Arehalli Coffee both in international & Domestic Market. The Organization will be supporting in terms of Marketing , Education , Tourism ,Research & Development on Coffee . The Organization will be known as World Coffee Research Lab and will be set up in Bengaluru. 

World Coffee Research Lab will be supporting the farmers of Arehalli Village in following areas:

  1. Marketing of Arehalli Coffee .
  2. Timely Updation of Climate Change Via Social Media & Our Blog so that the farmers of Arehalli Village will be able to take precautions and get ready with remedies.
  3. Will be helping in getting latest information on how to increase the Coffee Yield.
  4. Will be educating the Farmers of Arehalli Village on Coffee Diseases , Create Awareness of Pest Control needed in curing the diseases.
  5. Daily of Tips will be updated in our blog on "    How to Improve Quality of Coffee " Effective from 1st April 2017.
  6. Helping in getting rid of Barriers to Quality of Coffee.
  7. Daily Updates on International Coffee Market Prices & Demand vs Supply Analysis on our blog.
Not only the above points but " World Coffee Research Lab " will also be helping the farmers of Arehalli Village in Creating an awareness about the Quality of Coffee the Indian Coffee Lovers will get in India.  

An appeal to Coffee Planters Association of Arehalli to get affiliated with us so that Together we can create the Brand Awareness of Arehalli Coffee both in Indian Coffee Market & International Market.

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